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Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

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Pretentious Love

I have heard so much about love and people giving various definitions to it because it is an experience that varies from person to person. It definitely seems to be a beautiful emotion but it is something so rare. Especially the love that people have for each other, if they really do.

Most of the times, they just lie to each other and themselves and don't really realize that actually there is no love between them. I have seen such people. They might have their reasons for living like that. Sometimes, living a lie is more comfortable than the harsh realities that absolutely suck.

I came across many people...countless in fact who intentionally mix things up. In our part of the world, there is this strange wave, that one just has to get married as soon as possible. People, both genders, go mad and absolutely frustrated and angry. They need someone in their life. A spouse so that they meet the norms of the society. When they don't get things done, they take desperate measures. Of ten, love, which is otherwise quite  beautiful is pushed into situations. People push themselves to believe they love someone, whether the person is right for them or if they are right for the other person. But the desire to be like everyone else is so intense, they pretend to be in love. A strange sort of love. A love that only means "I need to get married now or I will go mad" or "I need to settle down cause I can't control my hormones no more". But marriage and love are two different things.

Oh yeah, how can we forget the glorious expression of victory and pride once the goal is achieved. That too, is a sign of people who really, really, really talk a lot about love...their pride is brilliantly visible and flaunted.

Also, this mere desire to actually settle down, move on in life, be like everyone else (since that is considered to be quite normal) sometimes, urges many people to become all green, ugly and vicious. They play games. They pretend nice but their mind is playing a game and actually all they want is to get to their goal. In doing so,  they end  up doing lots of mean shit and hurt or fool many also. 

If love is such a beautiful thing, how can it make people who are so in love so selfish and bitchy? How can people a feeling or desire make people do harmful and spiteful things merely to fit in the norms?

These are just some observations. I have nothing against love. I believe in it. I don't like the way it is abused. Sometimes, I don't even like the fact that some of the most good natured people around don't end up finding true love while many selfish and mean people who actually don't have any patience in them get shit loads of love or attention. If this is all written from before, as I believe, it is, I think it is not so much fun to read.

Nevertheless, inspired by a movie I watched when I was little and the love that Hindi cinema promotes - true and beautiful love and that truth is love, I still feel if anybody is in love with someone somewhere, the best thing is to let the person know, rather than play a mindful game or wait. It just lifts the burden. I would rather take a rejection any day than play a bitchy game against others to attain some fake love to be a part of some pretentious society.

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